Indications: Everyday antifungal prevention for the feet.

Perfect for anybody practicing sports or using swimming pools. 

Recommended for diabetics.


Action: The spray contains a high 2% concentration of an innovative ingredient: Dermosoft® Decalact liquid,which has an anti-bacterial action and protects the feet against fungal infections. The Chestnut tree, sweet clover, witch hazel and ruscus extracts in the preparation reduce the feeling of heavy feet. Natural aromatic citric and lavender oils have a relaxing action and eliminate unpleasant odours. Menthol brings the sense of cooling.


Recommended use: Spray onto the feet from a distance of about 10 cm. Can be applied onto lycra tights. Use once or twice a day, or as required. Perfect to finish a pedicure treatment. 

Volume: 100ml

PODOFLEX® Antifungal foot spray

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