Indications: For the treatment of feet with a tendency to hyperkeratosis, calluses or cracking. For softening nailfolds. Recommended for diabetics.


Action: The product contains urea (10%) and Aloe vera gel, which provide the skin with elasticity and softness, and prevent further keratinization. The ointment contains  Shea butter and lanolin, which demonstrate a lubricating effect. Arginine, vitamin E, vitamin PPand allantoin improves the appearance of skin. Yellow sweet clover extract soothes and tea tree oil has a regenerating and refreshing effect.


Recommended use: Apply the ointment to the areas of hyperkeratinization on the feet. Use twice a day or once daily as a prophylaxis. Perfect at the end of a cosmetic and medical pedicure treatment.

Volume: 300ml, 75ml

PODOFLEX® Feet ointment 10% urea 300ml

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