Indications: For daily foot care. Perfect for anybody practicing sports. Recommended for diabetics.


Action: Concentrated preparation in the form of a light foam. Contains squalane to stabilise the structure of skin lipids and perfectly regenerate the epidermis. It is a natural ingredient of human sebum. It plays an important role in maintaining the condition of human skin. Thespirulin in the preparation contains a variety of minerals, amino acids, vitamins and proteins. Allantoin soothes skin irritations and supports the regeneration of the epidermis.The foam has a pleasant smell and consistency, and is perfectly absorbed. It leaves the feet feeling moisturised and smooth.


Recommended use: Shake before use. Keep the container upright and press to release about 3 cm portionof the foam. Apply to clean and dry skin on the feet. Massage into the skin until fully absorbed. Apply once or twice a day.



PODOFLEX® Creamy foot foam with active spirulin

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